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The fire suppression system for bus. Eco-friendly, convenient, approved solution.

Firecom Automotive Project

The Company

Firecom Automotive is an Italian company that works in the fire-prevention field and bases its competitive strategy on a responsible and constant defense of the environment. After a long phase of research and experimentation, Firecom Automotive has developed a wide range of products, now offered in the market, that use important aerospace technologies that have proven capable of join reliability, efficiency and timeliness in fighting fires, while at the same time, maintaining a total respect for the ecosystem .

The  main range of applicationa of our products are civil installation, automotive, boat protection, portable protection devices and a design line dedicated to protect to value premises.

The aerosol technology from Firecom Automotive is the best way to suppress fire in the vehicles. Efficacy, easy to install, cutting down both costs and occupied space: are just some advantages of environmental friendly and not toxic FirecomAutomotive systems.
Our systems protect bus, minibus, truck, contractor machinery, mining …

our systems have 5 years warrenty


Condensed Aerosol: “extinguishing medium consisting of finely divided solid particles and gaseous matter, these being generated by a combustion process of a solid aerosol- forming compound” (UNI EN ISO 15779:2015)

Firecom condensed aerosol is based on potassium salt. Firecom aerosol works through generators that are non-pressurized devices which, when activated, generate our aerosol. Aerosol generators includes fixing bracket.

Aerosol from Firecom is an electrically non-conductive media.


The extinguishing action of the Potassium powder aerosol is performed by a fisycal action as well as a chemical action.

The fisycal action is due to the higher specific weight of the Potassium salts. These alkaline salts spread in the air with the aerosol tends to stratify. As the alkaline salts have the property to be inert substances they hinder effectively the classic interaction between combustible and supporter of combustion that occur during the fire.
In the meanwhile the chemical reaction generates very strong and stable links between potassium radicals and free radicals produced by the combustion itself.


Advatages aerosol from Firecom

  •  they do not produce any toxic by products during the decomposition process.
  • environmental friendly (ALT: negligible; ODP: 0; GWP: 0)
  • easy to remove
  • project engineering and installation easy
  •  chemically stable and do not corrode other substances.

Installation advantages:

  • not overpressure during the discharge
  • not cylinder, not nozzle
  • good design

Installation design:

  • easy to design and install
  • easy maintenace
  • economic system

Reference Standard framework

  • UNI ISO 15779:2015 “Condensed aerosol fire extinguishing systems _ Requirements and test methods for components and system design, installation and maintenence – General requirements.
  • UNI CEN TR15276-1/2 “Aerosol fire fighting extinguisher systems” (outdated)
  • CEI 64.8 to installation user
  • CEI 20-22 CEI 20-36
  • UNEL to electrical cable
  • CN VVF UNI 9795
  • Law 37/08 for installations security
  • N.F.P.A. 2001 Ediz. 1994/1996
  • N.F.P.A. 2010 Ediz. 2010


Commercial office

via degli Olmetti 46 int C 12/1 – 00060 Formello (RM)

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Manufacturing plant

via Vicinale Cervinara snc – 03018 Paliano (FR)

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