AK0746 fireproof bus approved

Watch the video clips for AK0746, Firecom Automotive's fire-fighting system for buses approved according to the European regulation R107 currently in force.


Discover the bus aerosol shutdown system. The AK0746 is the system to detect and extinguish the fire in the engine compartment and in the webasto compartment of the bus and is composed by:
- a unique electronic control and command unit (UDS-A);
- 4 thermosensitive sensors;
- 4 aerosol dispensers for the engine compartment;
- 1 dispenser for the webasto compartment.

Temperature sensors

The AK0746 system uses 4 digital temperature sensors, which control the temperature. And when the alarm threshold is reached, they send the signal to the UDS-A control unit.

Aerosol dispensers

The AK0746 system uses 4 nozzles to protect the engine compartment, namely the AS0451 model. This is a potassium salt aerosol generator with an extinguishing agent mass of 420 grams.

UDS-A control unit

It has the dimensions of 43x115x80 mm. In the frontal part there are one power led and 2 FPG signaling leds, which correspond to the emitters in the engine compartment FPG1 and to the emitter in the webasto compartment FPG2.

USD-A wiring

In the rear part of the control unit there are 2 outputs for the connection of the sensors, the dispensers and the power supply of the appliance.

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