Fire-fighting Buses Minibuses and Work Vehicles

Firecom Automotive's line of specific products for road transport is suitable for the protection of the engine compartment and preheater compartment of buses and minibuses and work vehicles, and has obtained all the certifications required by European standards.


Without pressure cylinders, nozzles subject to obstructions and pipes exposed to mechanical fatigue from vibrations, Firecom systems have a lean system, which represents an indisputable economic advantage and allows you to easily install the system even in retrofit. All functions are controlled by the electronic system.


The aerosol dispensers are made of steel, are automatically activated and do not require maintenance.


The aerosol produced is environmentally friendly, does not damage electronic and mechanical equipment.


The Firecom aerosol is designed to protect the engine and preheater compartments, but does not cause damage to the vehicle's furnishings and is not toxic to passengers.


The infinitesimal size of its particles does not generate dirt in the engine compartment in the event of a discharge, even if the engine is running.


The aerosol for road transport

Against engine compartment fires and bus and minibus preheater compartment fires, Firecom Automotive has developed specific systems that combine reliability, efficiency and timeliness of shutdown with ease of installation, even retrofitting, and respect for the environment. Firecom aerosol dispensers are made of steel, have no cylinders or no nozzles, are electrically activated and require no maintenance. Approved according to the European regulations in force.

Fire protection system approved

Firecom Automotive's fire protection system for buses is approved according to the R107 Regulation currently in force.



Eco-compound with non-toxicity certification.



Fully automatic, maintenance-free.



Approved under the current Regulation R107.

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