Firecom Automotive designs, engineers and markets fire fighting systems based on an innovative extinguishing agent, a condensed potassium salt aerosol capable of extinguishing class A, B and C fires without damaging electronic and mechanical equipment.
In its plant in Paliano the company, unique in Italy, manages every phase of the process. Its specialized technicians work with a fleet of machines always at the forefront, with results that combine technology, professional competence and craftsmanship experience.
Today Firecom Automotive is present on the market with fire protection systems for civil, automotive and nautical systems, and maintains solid business relationships with important national and international partners.

The story of Firecom


16 July 2016

Firecom was born, a company that began to market aerosol-based fire-fighting systems, a technology until then used almost exclusively in the Russian aerospace sector.


17 July 2019

In a few years the company obtained from the laboratories of the University La Sapienza in Rome the tests of environmental friendliness and non-toxicity of the product. Moreover, pioneer in the aerosol sector, Firecom certifies at the Thesis Laboratory, specialized and authorized by the Ministry of Interior for the fire-fighting sector, the line of products with radial supply, based on the reference standard UNI ISO 10877-1, in force at the time of execution of the test.


18 July 2019

Specific needs of the Italian market push the company to design and produce "at home" its own fire-fighting systems: everything is done in the company's laboratories. Aerosol systems are engineered for environments, boats and vehicles, even if the company initially specializes in civil plant engineering.


19 July 2019

While other fire-fighting gases are banned, the aerosol produced by Firecom is one of the few eco-friendly ones that does not damage the ozone layer and does not affect the greenhouse effect. Non-toxicity tests are repeated and validated. In the same year, it entered the international market for the first time.


20 July 2019

With the birth of Firecom Automotive, the company definitively embraces the road haulage sector. The new team absorbs all the activities, skills and certifications already acquired, and continues to operate in all areas of use of aerosol fire-fighting systems. The presence on the international market is expanded and consolidated.


21 July 2019

The bus fire protection system AK0746 is one of the few systems in Europe to be approved under the current Regulation R107. The legislation makes it compulsory for all new vehicles to have a fire-fighting system.


26 May 2020

RK Italia is born: a Firecom Automotive project at the forefront in the difficult phase of the Covid-19 National Health Emergency. Production of protective panels that represent a valid contribution to the protection of public health, making it possible to limit direct contact between individuals and their contagion, together with the use of masks. Visit the RK Italia website.

Firecom Services

Firecom Automotive's objective is to make aerosol technology available for every market need and to offer a wide range of products, thanks to the particular versatility of this extinguishing agent. A real revolution in the field of fire-fighting, with systems that combine efficiency with advantages in terms of size, overall dimensions, weight and costs.


5-year warranty on the entire range of dispensers


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