Firecom Automotive supplies the civil, nautical and automotive sectors in Italy and abroad. The distribution network allows the company to serve important customers throughout the country: structures and buildings of the Public Administration, Territorial Authorities, Archives and Historical Buildings, Companies, Banking Institutes, Schools, Libraries and Universities.

The aerosol fire-fighting systems meet all the requirements of safety and compliance with the regulations in force. In addition, they represent an innovative and illuminated choice, as they are environmentally friendly, convenient, easy to install and even more advantageous in management, as they do not require specific maintenance.


Final customer: TRIBUNAL OF CATANZARO Type of plant: PremisesCourt: Catanzaro (CZ)

End customer: POSTE ITALIANE VIBO VALENTIA Type of plant: Archive Location: Vibo Valentia (VV)


End customer: BIBLIOTECA DIOCESIANA SEMINARIO ARCIVESCOVILE DI CHIETI Type of facility: LibraryLocality: Chieti (CH)

End customer: AGENCY OF THE EQUILA TERRITORY Type of plant: Archive Location: L'Aquila (AQ)

End customer: TRIBUNAL DI AVEZZANO Type of plant: Archive Location: Avezzano (AQ)

End customer: ENEL PESCARA Type of plant: Archive Location: Pescara (PE)


Final customer: STEEL THERMAL Type of plant: Four-room cabinLocality: Terni (TR)

Aosta Valley

End customer: SMALL SEMINAR OF AOSTA Type of plant: Basement roomLocation: Aosta (AO)


Final customer: WORK PROVISIONAL DIRECTION Type of plant: ArchiviLocality: Frosinone (FR)

End customer: FROSINONE PREFECTURE Type of plant: Archive Palazzo La RoccaLocation: Frosinone (FR)

End-customer: WATER&SAPON Type of plant: WarehousesLocality: Latina (LT)

Final customer: ACADEMY OF BEAUTIFUL ART Type of plant: Book storageLocality: Rome (RM)

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End customer: ADB S.R.L. Type of plant: Server Room Paper ArchivesLocality: Vigonza (PD)

End-customer: AGENCY OF REVENUE Type of plant: ArchiviLocalità: Padova (PD)

End customer: BANCA ANTONVENETA Type of plant: ArchiviLocalità: Padova (PD)

Final customer: RED SOCKS FASHION Type of plant: CED-depositLocality: Vigonza (PD)

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Trentino Alto Adige

Final customer: COMMON BIBLARY Type of facility: LibraryLocality: Predazzo (TN)

Final customer: CARTIERE DEL GARDA Type of plant: Offices - Archives - CEDLocality: Riva del Garda (TN)

End-customer: TYRE MARANGONS Type of equipment: Tire test roomLocality: Rovereto (TN)

End customer: HOSPITAL OF ROVERETO Type of plant: Pharmaceutical storesLocation: Rovereto (TN)

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End-customer: MONTEVARCHI COMMON Type of plant: WarehousesLocation: Montevarchi (AR)

End customer: HOSPITAL S.DONATO Type of plant: Archive USL 8Locality: Arezzo (AR)

End-customer: STATE POLICY Type of plant: ArchiviLocalità: Arezzo (AR)

End-customer: HISTORICAL ARCHIVE OF MACHINE Type of plant: ArchiveLocation: Fucecchio (FI)

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End customer: COMMON BIBLARY OF PATERNÒ Type of facility: LibraryLocation: Paternò (CT)

Final customer: POSTE ITALIANE Type of plant: ArchiviLocalità: Catania (CT)

End-customer: CASA COMUNALE VILLABATE Type of installation: ArchiviLocalità: Villabate (PA)

End customer: POSTE ITALIANE PALERMO Type of plant: ArchiveLocation: Palermo (PA)

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Final customer: ENEL - TERNA CAGLIARI Type of system: Ced-ArchiveLocations: Cagliari (CA)

End customer: ENTE MINERARIO SARDO Type of plant: Historical archive of maps and drawingsLocality: Cagliari (CA)

Final customer: MINES OF LULA Location: Lula (NU)

End customer: COMMON OF ORISTAN Type of installation: Historical archive - LibraryLocality: Oristano (OR)

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End Customer: MILITARY AIRPORT OF GIOIA DEL COLLE (flight simulator command) Location: Gioia del Colle (BA)

End customer: CAMPUS UNIVERSITARIO DI BARI - FACOLTA DI FARMACIA Type of plant: ArchiviLocalità: Bari(BA)

Final customer: CONTROL III^ REG. AEREA BARI IV TLG Type of plant: Laboratory Location: Clear (BA)

End customer: COMMON OF CONVERSANO Type of plant: Historical archiveLocation: Conversano (BA)

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End-customer: COMMON ALESSANDRY BIBLARY Type of facility: Library Location: Alessandria (AL)

End customer: MUSSO IMPIANTI Type of plant: Paper archive Location: Asti (AT)

Final customer: PALACE OF JUSTICE OF BIELLA Type of plant: Criminal Archive - Public Prosecutor's Office Archive - Court ArchiveLocality: Biella (BI)

End customer: BANCA ALPI MARITTIME - COOPERATIVE CREDIT CARRU' Type of installation: ArchiveLocality: Ceva (CN)

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End-customer: VILLAGE ASSOCIATION OF THE ONLUS VOLUNTEER FIRE Type of equipment: Mobii di incendio equipment Location: Ancona(AN)

End-customer: IKEA Type of plant: Security room and computer Location: Ancona (AN)

End-customer: COMMON OF MACERATA Type of plant: ArchivesLocation: Macerata (MC)

End customer: WEIGHT TRIBUNAL Type of plant: ArchiveLocation: Pesaro (PU)

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Final customer: DATING ELECTRONGAMMA Type of plant: Ced Location: Bergamo (BG)

End-customer: SEBINO ANTINCENDIO SRL System type: Server Location: Bagnatica (BG)

End-customer: CLUSION TRIBUNAL Type of plant: ArchiviLocalità: Clusone (BG)

End customer: ASL DI BRESCIA Type of plant: Archives-MagazziniLocality: Brescia (BS)

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Friuli Venezia Giulia

End customer: BIBLIOTECA ISONTINA Type of installation: Archive Location: Gorizia (GO)

End customer: PALAZZO CORONINI CRONBERG Type of installation: Archive Location: Gorizia (GO)

End-customer: GORIZE FIERSTIC QUARTERTER Type of plant: Pavilion DLocality: Gorizia (GO)

End-customer: COMMON OF AZZANO DECIMO Type of plant: WarehousesLocation: Azzano Decimo (PN)

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Emilia Romagna

End customer: ARCHIVIO COMUNALE DI S. LAZZARO DI SAVENA Type of installation: Archives Location: San Lazzaro di Savena(BO)

End customer: Leto Archive - Ercolani Type of plant: Archive Location: Bologna (BO)

End-customer: COMUNE DI SAN LAZZARO DI SAVENA Location: San Lazzaro di Savena (BO)

End-customer: E-VIA Type of plant: Power StationLocation: Bologna (BO)

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End-customer: DIANA ARMERIA Type of plant: Storage Location: Solofra (AV)

End customer: AVELLINO COMMON Type of installation: CED room Location: Avellino (AV)

End customer: MINISTRY OF DEFENSE Type of plant: 231 Rgt. Infantry 'Avellino' Weapons Depot Location: Forchiara (AV)

End customer: HOSPITAL MOSCATES Type of plant: Conversion cabinLocation: Avellino (AV)

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