Firecom Automotive has developed a range of fire extinguishing systems for pleasure boats that can extinguish fire quickly and without damage, and that allows you to have maximum protection with minimum weight.


Its potassium salt aerosol systems are suitable for extinguishing fuel oil fires (petrol, diesel and other refined oil products, organic solvents, etc.) even in the presence of electrical systems, since its dry powders are not electrically conductive. If dispensed, therefore, it does not damage either electrical or mechanical equipment, and the residues are easy to remove. Class A, B, C fire extinguisher. RINA approval.
Maximum protection with minimum encumbrance and weight.
Class A, B, C fire extinguisher. Suitable for extinguishing petrol, diesel and other refined oil products, organic solvents.
It does not damage electrical or mechanical equipment, as its dust is dry.
RINA approval.



Aerosol extinguishing system for boating. RINA approved up to 30 m³.


Mare 30 is the most complete system in the nautical range thanks to the presence of a management unit. It protects engine compartments up to 30 m³.


Manual switch-off system for the nautical sector. Protects from fire engine compartments with volumes up to 30 m³ net. RINA approved.

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