Universal fire detection and extinguishing unit


The RS-CEN U unit is designed to detect fires by means of a heat-sensitive cable and to send the shutdown command to the aerosol dispensers (maximum 4 dispensers connected in series).

Basically it acts as an automatic or manual fire-fighting system.

The small electronic unit is well suited to all those environments and technical rooms where the fire protection is not connected to a general control panel for detection and fire.


The detection of a fire in the protected volume is done by means of heat-sensitive cable, the length must be calculated according to the size of the room and the type of application. We have cables with different alarm temperatures at our disposal and we are at your disposal to propose solutions adapted to your needs.

Once the control unit receives an indication from the sensor, both an audible alarm (buzzer) and an extinguishing charge are activated.

The Unit provides, through LEDs, the signals of:
- activation of the extinguishing charge
- presence of fire
- extinction system anomalies.

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